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It has long been known that entrepreneurs are the life blood of most economies, however the following statistics are very sobering. To that end, we have found that a lot of the heartache caused can be negated by investing in a realistic "Business Plan" and having access to business mentors. We have outlined below the success rates of startups from the three continents that we support.

Business start-up success rate - The United Kingdom

Approximately 600,000 new businesses commence each year. By year five, half of these will have ceased to operate.

Business start-up success rate - The United States

There are 28 million small businesses in the USA, plus another 22 million people who are self-employed, with no employees.
Approximately 543,000 new business start EVERY SINGLE MONTH, ten times the UK number, with a population that is five times larger!
Over 50% of the US population works in a small business.
7 out of 10 new firms survive at least 2 years
5 out of ten survive at least five years.
3 out of 10 survive at least ten years.

Business start-up success rate - Australia.

In Australia there are just over £2million small business operating, as at 2015.
60% of all new businesses cease to operate beyond three years.
1 in 3 new businesses do not survive their first year.
2 in 4 new businesses do not survive past Year 2.
3 in 4 New businesses do not survive past year 5.
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