Global Advisory Group was set  up in response to the so called "Credit Crunch" when a lot of Buy to Let landlords were coming under pressure from their bankers and they were facing the real possibility of having their portfolios repossessed.
Global Advisory Group has worked successfully with a great many clients since this date and the thing that they all have in common is that they are being dealt with harshly and unfairly by the large “clanking bureaucracy” that characterises today’s financial institutions.
The banks have a clever plan as the bank staff that loaned the money are never involved in any further discussions and the client is transferred to “Special Situations” or some such name, where the staff there are trained to talk down to the client and make him feel that it is 100% his fault. The collapse in property values is more the fault of the banks than the borrowers, however the banks simplistically only have two levers, Lever 1 says- Give me back my money, Lever 2 says we will pass the matter to our legal department.
The more enlightened banks are slowly beginning to recognise that this is a wasteful process and are beginning to listen to proposals for a full & final settlement, whereby the client raises funds that are less than the debt owed but more than the bank would get through a forced sale.

Global Advisory Group is also working with Directors who have lost their businesses and are now facing claims against their Personal Guarantee. We have successfully negotiated settlements in all cases that we have taken on, without our clients losing their homes or being made bankrupt.

The latest development for Global Advisory Group is working with clients who were illegally sold “swaps” or “hedging instruments” in 2007 and 2008. These are sophisticated financial instruments and clients were never given an option in this regard, they were forced to take them on, as a precondition of the loan.
If you are having trouble with your bank or bankers, you have a personal guarantee problem or have been illegally sold a “swap” then contact Global Advisory Group. We are here to help. your social media marketing partner

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