Distressed investment property solutions

What we do:

Negotiate with lenders to achieve debt write-downs (or re-structure of current debt)

Lender agrees this is the preferred option for getting their money back (compared to LPA Receivership or Administration etc…)

Client decides whether it is best to re-structure debt with current lender, re-finance elsewhere or dispose of their properties

If re-finance is client’s choice, we can help source a new lender

Why Global Advisory Group?

Personal relationships, developed over many years, with the real decision-makers at all the major lenders allow us to negotiate deals unavailable to clients and many of their professional representatives.

Typical Client Profile:

  • Builder/Developer
  • Property portfolio landlord or Businesses with property assets
  • Loan(s) secured against property
  • Property values below lender’s LTV criteria, or loans coming to term and lender unwilling to renew (or only offering increased, unsustainable interest rates)
  • Monthly rents not covering mortgage payments
  • Personal Guarantee against loan(s) on Portfolio
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Global Advisory Group are specialists in Business Turnaround
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