Global Advisory Group has wide-ranging expertise in business and company reconstruction, asset protection and recovery which means that our clients receive informed, timely and solutions-focused advice resulting in the prevention of formal insolvency. We have excellent relationships with all major financial institutions following our numerous successful turnarounds.

Our experience covers the whole spectrum of corporate and individual distress. This can be from the early signs of business stress through creditor workouts, debt and equity restructuring's: we can also assist where clients face imminent (or are already suffering from) formal insolvency.

In particular, our management team has extensive experience in:

  • Corporate restructuring and asset disposal.
  • preventing the enforcement of secured and unsecured creditors’ rights.
  • The protection of clients' positions during workouts.
  • Developing solutions which avoid the need for formal insolvency appointments wherever possible.
  • Maximising stakeholder returns.
  • Dealings with regulators arising out of a business-distress or insolvency.
  • Dealings with different interest groups to prevent insolvency.
  • Obtaining alternative finance (secured debt, mezzanine debt, bonds and equities).
  • IRSA or other similar claims.


Global Advisory Group programme is dedicated to achieving the results required by both the lender and client by managing the situation through negotiations with lenders and through the expertise of a panel of expert advisor's with whom we have established strong, professional links (solicitors, finance brokers, venture capital providers, pension and tax advisor's) your social media marketing partner

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